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KCE, P&Zers, Town Agenda

The Traveling Trustees

May 13, 2008

By Bill Whaley

Coop Elections

Today, members of District 1 vote in the Kit Carson Board of Trustees’ election. Yesterday, May 12, Horse Fly posted the compensation figures obtained from Coop records. Though no single trustee is immune from abuse with the possible exception of Tim Cottam ($4,263.83 (Out of state total: None), the inability of the Coop board to police its own trustees is remarkable. Here are the top three spenders and self-indulgent travelers at the Coop: 1. "Ojo" Art Rodarte: $37,103.21 (Out of state Total: $19,055.60); 2. "Penasco" Ambrose Mascarenas: $34,843.32 (Out of state total: $17,457.27); and 3. "Boneman" Michael Arguello: $32, 703.75 (Out of state total: $14,787.42). Only Arguello is up for reelection today. Mascarenas comes up for election on Wed. May 21 in Penasco. Rodarte, who is unopposed, comes up for re-election on Monday, May 19 in Ojo Caliente.

News about "The Traveling Trustees" is traditionally ignored by The Taos News, which protects the good old boys–chamber, banks, and Coop. So-called progressives, who talk green at Sustain Taos or "The Taos Green Guide" rarely become involved in Coop issues where the cost of energy is the currency of conversation. In America today, fortunes are being made off the increased price of energy, which increases the price of electricity, food, and gasoline. Not only are Americans are being exploited by national corporations and the national government, but their own elected representatives at the coop and some local government entities are picking their pockets. While elected officials and their employees live off the fat of the land, taxpayers and coop members pay the freight.

It’s time for us consumers to defend ourselves against exploitation by our greedy neighbors. It’s a little tough to stomach that electric bill when you’re trustees are flying off to Las Vegas for a week or adjourning to Pagosa Springs for some R&R or hitting the highway to Denver for ball games and big eats with Hub at Tri-State. The trustees have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Prior to the annual Coop membership meeting on June 28, Horse Fly will focus on the trustee salaries. According to Article 1, Section 9 of the Co-op by-laws, a trustee may be subject to "charges" and removed if 3% of the members file a petition and trustees concur. Certainly, fiscal irresponsibility is a legitimate charge. This year’s annual meeting might be the ideal place for members to petition for changes: limited compensation, term limits, and reduce the number of trustees.

At least The Rabbit works to keep watts running: What do Rodarte, Mascarenas, and Arguello do? They could save the coop members and trustees a lot of pain by resigning prior to election. We know they are being protected by their own partisans, The Taos News and the DA but enough is enough. We thought we owned the Coop but the Trustee's new motto seems to be: Exploiting Those It Serves!

Town News

We hear the town, Cody West, and Spring Ditch parciantes will be meeting at 1:30 pm on Wed. to try and mediate problems associated with access to water for the historic acequia. According to Peter Vigil of the Soil and Water Conservation Service, the flow of water could be restored by pumping from Town Well No. 5 and by removing interfering roads and blockages put in by the town. We’re unclear about how the historic spring itself under the Central Station could be re-mediated. The Spring Ditch case is a classic example of how a community has forgotten its roots and encroached on both the constitutional and cultural rights of its citizens. In a world of "food insecurity," it may be time for the so-called Green Wave of Sustainability" to line-up behind the traditionalists.

According to Horse Fly sources, the town fathers and one mother have been working hard and well to catch up on a variety of issues. Notice the big ugly structure being installed for bathrooms next to the Alley Cantina. Hey, we wanted public bathrooms and I guess we’re going to get them. The street sweeper has been very active. Apparently, a number of resumes were received for the town manager’s job–contrary to prior reports in Horse Fly. The council is apparently keeping their decision quiet about who, what, where. Same with the attorney. Let The Taos News file a public information request–coverage in the local weekly has grown increasingly thin in recent weeks. Though Horse Fly has no direct knowledge of what’s happening, it appears that things are going well at town hall if you catch my drift.

On planning issues, here are Rudy’s notes, thanks to ChatCat Connelly. Of particular note are the Kit Carson Command Center and the Debbie Siler project. (Horse Fly urged Siler to appeal the decision made by superstitious P&Zers to the town council for gawd’s sake.) As for The Rabbit, we’re told the trustees might have asked CEO Luis Reyes to resign, due to a "conflict of interest." Indeed, when the Coop board has higher standards of ethical conduct than the town’s P&Zers or Mayor, you know something’s awry in mudville. By the way, notice how Planner Rudy insists on maintaining the fiction that the Town is part owner of the proposed blast protected command center.

P&Z Notes

MAY 7, 2008, 5:30 p.m.







A. Case No. P&Z 2008-08
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., property owner, Alex Corondoni, agent; requesting a Variance, from the Landscape Ordinance 07-08 Section 15.12.040 Section IV subsection (K), the property is located at 926 Paseo del Pueblo Sur; in the C-2 (general commercial) within the Town of Taos.
(Staff requested a withdrawal of this application because the
applicant revised his submittals to comply with the requirements of
the Town of Taos Landscaping Ordinance)

B. Case No. P&Z 2008-09
LifeSpace, LLC, property owner, William S. Pittman, agent; requesting a Lot Size Variance, the property is located at 709C Cavalry Court, in the R-14 (multi-family residential) within the Town of Taos. (This application was denied because the applicant
did not meet the 5 criteria for the granting of a variance as they are
stated in section 2-4.204 in the Town of Taos Land Use Development

6. PUBLIC HEARINGS-Certificate of Appropriateness

A. Case No. P&Z2008-05
Hanna & Anthony Sanchez, property owners, David H. Henry, AIA, Living Designs Group, agent; requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness, to remodel existing building, the property is located at 522 Paseo del Pueblo Norte; in the C-2 (general commercial) Historic Overlay zone of the Town of Taos. (This
application was approved with Staff conditions which are stated as

1. The applicant resubmit a stucco sample for the proposed remodel on the subject building at the time a building permit application is applied for with the Town of Taos Planning and Zoning Department.

2. The applicant submit color samples for the window cladding to the Town of Taos Building Department at the time a building permit application is submitted.

3. The applicant revise the submitted Window and Door Schedule (Tab F sheet 9.0) to reflect compliance with the requirements for a natural wood or weathered wood tone for the proposed doors and submit these revisions to the Town of Taos Building Department at the time a building permit application is submitted.

4. The applicant submit the schematic designs for the bullnosing on the proposed windows and the pictorial information on the proposed doors to the Town of Taos Building Department at the time a building permit application is submitted.
5. The applicant submit a color sample for the proposed lintels at the time a building permit is submitted to the Town of Taos Building Department.

6. The applicant fully comply with the requirements of the Town of Taos Landscaping Ordinance.

7. Any significant deviations from the architectural plans that are approved by the P&Z Commission shall need to be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning
Department and/or the Planning and Zoning Commission.
The commission also requested a report from staff on the interior
demolition that had been performed by the applicants.


A. Case No. P&Z 2007-22
Andrew & Joetta Arguello, property owners, requesting Variances on lot size, setbacks, width and lot coverage, for new construction on a 0.02 acre property located at 107 Archuleta Lane; within the C-2 (General Commercial) Zone of the Town of Taos. (This
application was denied because the applicant did not meet the 5
criteria for the granting of a variance as they are
stated in section 2-4.204 in the Town of Taos Land Use Development

B. Case No. P&Z2008-03
Debra de la Torre & Luis de la Torre, property owners, Sandra Crooker, agent; requesting a Conditional Use Permit, to operate a professional office, the property is located at 605-B Camino de la Placita; within the R-14 (multi-family residential) Zone of the Town of Taos. (This application was denied because the applicant
did not meet the 3 criteria for the granting of a Conditional Use
Permit as they are stated in section 2-4.46 in the Town of Taos
Land Use Development Code)

C. Case No. P&Z2008-04
Town of Taos/Kit Carson Electric Coop, property owners, Don H. May, AIA Rhode May Keller McNamara Architecture, agents; requesting a Special Use Permit, and Variances on Section 5-4.4 (D) parking location, yard wall height and architectural style to locate the Taos Regional Command Dispatch Center and Homeland Security Center, the property is located at 1146 Gusdorf Road; within the C-1 (neighborhood commercial) Zone of the Town of Taos. (This application was continued to the regularly scheduled
June 4, 2008 P&Z Commission meeting because the CEO of Kit
Carson Electric was not present to explain to the Commission the
rationale for choosing the proposed location for the regional
command/homeland security center).

D. Case No. P&Z 2008-07
Kevin Zangara and Alice Meador-Zangara, property owners, requesting to amend their approved Conditional Use Permit, the property is located at 215 Beimer Street; in the R-14 (multi-family) zone within the Town of Taos.
(Staff requested a continuance on this application)

Taos Town Council
Town Council Chambers
120 Civic Plaza Drive
Taos, New Mexico 87571
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

9:30 a.m.

A. Francella Garcia, Grants Administrator
1. Authorization to submit a grant application in the amount of $35,000.00 to the New Mexico Tourism Department Cooperative Marketing Grant Program. The application will be submitted as a consortium application between the Town of Taos, Taos Gallery Association and the Chamber of Commerce. For every dollar awarded the Town will be required to match twice the dollar amount. Funding will be used to promote Taos as tourist destination.
2. Approval authorizing acceptance of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Project No. 08-C-NR-I-1-G-18 in the amount of $430,300.00 for the construction of a storm sewer system at Alexander and Reed Street. The Town of Taos to provide a match in the amount of $120,000.00, for a total project cost of $550,300.00. Grant to mature May 1, 2010.
B. Renee Lucero, Town Clerk
1. Consideration and approval of New Restaurant Beer & Wine License Application No. 538277 for Ayutla II, Inc dba Mi Pueblo Taqueria located at 715 Paseo del Pueblo Sur.
2. Consideration and approval of New Restaurant Beer & Wine License Application No. 552056 for 5 Star Burgers located at 1032 Paseo del Pueblo Sur.

WORKSHOP MEETING (Immediately following Special Meeting)
A. Ernie Atencio, Taos Land Trust and Jenny Parks, Trust for Public Lands
B. Herbert Valdez, Taos County regarding MOU between the Town of Taos and Taos County for Traffic Safety Bureau for a Grant application for CDWI.
C. Judy Hoffer, UNM Literacy Program, request for funding from FY 08-09 Fiscal Year in the amount of $25,000.
D. Steve Fuhlendorf, Taos County Chamber of Commerce
• Request to expand Parking Meter Program to Historic District
• Taos Plaza Live
E. Ron Usherwood and TCA Board, TCA Presentation regarding TCA Remodel
F. Neighborhood Plan for Chamisa Verde and recommendations for implementation of the SmartCode.
G. Sage West Consultants presentation regarding developing a High Performance Building Ordinance (formerly the "Sustainable Building Ordinance").
H. Joe Valdez, regarding landlocked property at Airport
I. Amigos Unidos – update on RFP funding.
J. Vista del Canon Condominium Association homeowners and developer Ray Baehr, regarding hooking up to Town wastewater.
K. Bill Dedmond, presentation regarding Santa Fe Film Festival funding request.
L. Dawn Richardson, regarding Solar Music Festival.
M. John Staple, regarding publicity of Taos Artists Organization
N. Elizabeth Palacios, Taos Community Foundation, regarding request for funding
A. Daron Syling, Chief of Police
1. Authorization to extend contract TT-95-156 with the Human Resource Development Associates, Inc. "Community Custody Services (Electronic Monitor device - ankle bracelet)" and changing the amount from $15/day to $17/day.
2. Consideration and approval to purchase the radio communication equipment and installation in the amount of $27,404.88 for the Fire Department / Police Department Mobile Command Unit from Commtech (GSA# GS-35F-048ST) which is funded by a CIP. (With Tina Torres, Purchasing Agent)
3. Approval to enter into a 48 month lease with Xerox @ $406.08 monthly rental on a WorkCentre 7335P for the Records Department at the Police Department. The lease includes 4,000 b/w and 250 free color copies per month, excess copies will be billed separately at $.0139 b/w and $ .0849 for color copies. State Contract # 072164800; Line Item # 11-14-43001 – Supplies; Line item # 11-14-43005 – Rentals. (With Tina Torres, Purchasing Agent)
4. Consideration and approval to send Officer Philip Holmes - out of state travel to attend the Emergency Management Training held in Baltimore, Maryland. The training is scheduled for July 13-17, 2008. Total cost of trip will be paid by Taos Municipal Schools.
B. Ron Yachinich, Convention Services Director
1. Consideration and approval of Resolution 08-25 granting a waiver to Taos Convention Center allowing the sale, dispensing and serving of alcohol pursuant to NMSA 60-6B-10.
2. Consideration and approval of Resolution 08-27 replacing Resolution 08-23 revising the standard policy on food and alcohol service at the Taos Convention Center.
C. Reuben Martinez, IT Manager
Consideration and approval of Contract Renewal 2nd year, TT-95-180 One Connect IP, Telephone service provider with a maximum per month cost of $6,000.00 inclusive of gross receipts tax. An annual cost of $72,000.00 inclusive of gross receipts tax.
D. Matthew Foster, Long-Range Planner
1. Accepting the Historic Preservation Division Grant to complete a Historic District Master Plan and the nomination of Rural Historic Landscapes to the Federal Register of Historic Places and the State Register of Historic Cultural Properties.
2. Draft Bicycle Facilities Master Plan and discuss the grant from the National Park Service to complete the Recreational Trails Master Plan.
3. Approval of Out of State Travel Request for Allen Vigil, Planning Director, and Matt Foster, Long Range Planner, to travel to Denver, Colorado, to attend the SmartCode Workshop on May 29th - 31st. Estimated cost is $900. PlaceMakers is providing scholarships to the Town for the registration fee.
4. Approval of Resolution 08-31 supporting a grant application to the Clean Energy Projects. 5.
E. Rudy Perea, Senior Planner
The Town of Taos Planning and Zoning Department is requesting a public hearing before the Town Council for an appeal by Judith Loretto from a decision made by the Planning and Zoning Commission to deny a variance request from the Town of Taos Sign Code Ordinance on property located at 122 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur.
F. Amos Torres, Public Utilities Director
Discussion of future sludge disposal method as requested by Council. Staff will provide alternatives and request direction from Council.
G. Miranda Quintana, Youth & Family Center Superintendent
Authorization to enter into a contract in the amount of $31,793.10 with Pool Pro, Inc. for the purchase and installation of ultra violet light filtration system for the swimming pool per New Mexico State price agreement 72-000-00-04019; $23,631.00 will be paid from line item 51-16-45006 and $8,162.10 will be paid from line item 50-35-45006. (With Tina Torres, Purchasing Agent)

H. Marietta Fambro, Finance Director
Approval of Resolution 08-20 Budget Adjustment Request - 1) Capital Improvements Fund (51) - a) Transfer from capital expense to operating for the coin machine counter in the amount of $4,000. b) Transfer from capital expense to operating for maintenance at parks in the amount $10,000. 2) General Fund (11) - Increase Interfund transfer Out and decrease unreserved Fund Balance in the amount of $40,000 to cover operational cost for the Transportation Department. 3) Transportation Fund (29) - Increase Interfund transfer in and personnel services in the amount of $40,000 to cover operational cost for Transportation Department.
I. Renee Lucero, Town Clerk
1. Discussion regarding new Novus Agenda web-based software and Town Council Workshop Meetings.
2. Approval to destroy records eligible for destruction (2006 Election records and 2008 marked paper ballots pursuant to state statute (3-8-62, NMSA 1978)) per Resolution 98-49 which adopts the NM Commission of Public Records (NM State Records Center and Archives) retention and disposition schedules.
A. Adoption of Ordinance 08-07; An Ordinance adopting by reference the 2006 New Mexico Building Codes.
B. Adoption of Ordinance 08-08; An Ordinance banning the use of non-biodegradable plastic carry-out bags at point of sale by retail establishments in the Town of Taos and providing education and incentives for shoppers to use reusable bags at affected retail establishments in the Town of Taos.
C. Adoption of Ordinance 08-09; An ordinance repealing and replacing a portion of Title 3, Personnel, making all Town positions classified positions, with the exception of the five appointed officer positions which are prohibited from receiving classified status by state law.
D. Consideration and approval of Contract between El Prado Water and Sanitation District and the Town of Taos to lease the use of the San Juan Chama Project Water.
E. Approval of Resolution 08-26; a Resolution of the Town of Taos declaring support for the Taos Regional Water Plan.
A. Consideration and approval of Resolution 08-30 – superseding 08-15 - Fiscal Agency Policy to guide organizations in the application for funding where the Town of Taos would act as fiscal agent.
B. Approval of Resolution 08-32 supporting the New Mexico Department of Transportation plan, Option 1, to upgrade Kit Carson Road; which was presented at the public involvement meeting Thursday, April 24, 2008.
Approval of Resolution 08-29 approving participation in the program of the North Central New Mexico Economic Development District.

The Council will adjourn to go into Executive Session to discuss the following limited personnel matters regarding the Town Attorney pursuant to NMSA 1978 10-15-1-H.2.


Bobby F. Duran, Mayor

• To request details on an agenda item please contact the Town Clerk at 400 Camino de la Placita, Taos New Mexico, 87571 (505) 751-2005.
• If you are an individual with a disability who is in need of aid or service to attend and/or participate in a meeting of the Town of Taos Council, please contact the office of the Town Clerk at 400 Camino de la Placita, Taos New Mexico, 87571 (505) 751-2005 at least 24 hours in advance.
• For copies of this agenda please pick-up at Town Hall.